Frequently asked questions

What is AdTwirl?
AdTwirl is a global mobile advertising platform designed to generate consumer response for direct-response mobile advertisers and incremental inventory revenue for mobile publishers.

How can I make money with AdTwirl?
Just register to join the AdTwirl network and implement our ad-code to begin monetizing your mobile content and advertising inventory.

Does it cost me anything?
There are no costs for partners to sign up for AdTwirl.

What are the Ad Points?
The ad points are points which you earn for clicks or impressions of free ads. You can use these points to run your own ad campaigns for free.

My site sends so many clicks/impressions, why are my earnings so low?
You get paid only for ads which were paid by our advertisers, for clicks on free ads you get points which you can use for advertising your own sites, if you don't want to show free ads on your site you can disable them in the install code.

I want to display only paid ads on my site, what to do?
You can disable the free ads in the install code.

I want to show text and banner ads on my site, what to do?
Please check the install code, where you can enable the banner ads.

I don't want adult ads to be shown on my site, what to do?
In the install code there is an option to disable or enable adult ads.

What is the payout minimum?
The minimum payout amount is $50.

What are the payment options available?
At the moment we make payouts via PayPal, WebMoney and Skrill/MoneyBookers.

How can i advertise my site for free?
You can advertise your site for free if you register as publisher and show free ads on your site. For clicks/impressions of free ads you will get ad points, which you can use to advertise your site for free.

Can you provide me a payment proof?
Unfortunately we don't share such informations with third parties, because privacy of our users is very important to us

I can't install the php code on my site because of hosting restrictions, what to do?
If you cant install the php code, we are sure that your hosting doesn't have any restrictions for html code. You can use HTML codes to display ads and start earning from your sites.

How can i pay for advertising campaigns?
You can pay via paypal or webmoney.

How many ads can I display on my site?
You can place up to 5 ads with a multiple ads request method and 2 ads with a single ad request method.

How often will i get paid?
Our payment cycle is a 30 days payment cycle. i.e, eg. the payment for the current month will be paid 30 days later, eg. earnings made august publishers will be paid in october.

How to add network / operator targeting?
For operator targeting you have to add a targeting country first and then you will be able to choose mobile networks / operators.

How can I increase the amount of views for my campaign?
Ads are served based on how the effective cost-per-thousand ad impressions served (eCPM) compares to other available campaigns. The eCPM is calculated leveraging campaign performance and click bid price. You can increase your bid, bid on additional channels, and add new creatives in order to increase your eCPM and level of campaign activity.

How can I increase my campaign's performance?
You can improve your performance by keeping your creatives fresh, as well as by implementing both text and image creative formats.

What is CTR?
The click-through rate is the number of times a click is made on the advertisement divided by the total impressions.

What is eCPM?
eCPM is effective cost per mille. The eCPM is a result of the conversion rate, click rate, CPA offer, and effectiveness of traffic. With a high eCPM, advertisers could negotiate for more traffic with publishers, generate more exposure, and produce more conversions.

What is CPM?
CPM is cost per mile or cost per thousand impressions.

What is PPC?
PPC is pay per click also known as CPC or cost per click.

What is CPA?
CPA is Cost Per Action (sometimes known as Pay Per Action or PPA).

What is CPD?
CPD is Cost Per Download (sometimes known as Pay Per Download or PPD).

What is CPI?
CPI is Cost Per Install (sometimes known as Pay Per Install or PPI).

What is CPS?
CPS is Cost Per Sale (sometimes known as Pay Per Sale or PPS).

What is CPL?
CPL is Cost Per Lead (sometimes known as Pay Per Lead or PPL).

What is the minimum PPC bid?
Minimum PPC bid is 0.01 USD.

What is the minimum CPM bid?
Minimum CPM bid is 0.10 USD.

What is the minimum CPA bid?
Minimum CPA bid depends on the action type, please contact us for more infos.

Which targeting options do you provide?
We provide country, region, mobile carrier, language, and device targeting options, you can also exclude proxy browsers like Opera Mini and UC Web.

Which banner sizers do you support?
We support all MMA banner standards (120x20, 120x30, 168x28, 168x42, 216x36, 216x54, 300x50, 300x75, 320x50) pixel.

CPM or PPC bidding, which is better?
Its hard to say, some campaigns perform better in CPM rate other in PPC, it depends on you campaign creatives and targeting options.

Can you provide a traffic breakdown by country, mobile os and mobile operator?
Yes we can, please check our traffic breakdown.

How many daily impressions per country do you have available daily?
Please check our traffic breakdown.

What is a competitive CPC (cost per click) in each country?
The CPC prices are depending on your targeting settings. You will see the minimum bids for your targeting setting in the info block in the campaigns creation page.

What is the operator break down percentage by country?
Please check our traffic breakdown.

What percentage of traffic per country is Wifi on average?
Please check our traffic breakdown.

What are your targeting options?
Country, carrier/operator, region, brand/manufacturer, handset/device, browser, language and options to exclude proxy traffic.

Do you have a refund policy?
We have a "no refund policy". Please check our traffic breakdown before you start advertising with us.

What is the minimum advertising budget top up?
The minimum advertising budget top up is $15.

What is your initial deposit?
You can start advertising with $15.

What types of creatives do you have available?
Text and banner ads

Do you offer day parting?
Yes we do.

What funding sources do you accept?
Paypal and Webmoney.

What percentage of your traffic is from apps/mobile web?
About 95% from mobile web.

What are your top publishers?
Unfortunately we don't share such informations with third parties, because privacy of our users is very important to us

What is your policy on click fraud?
We have a very strict click fraud policy. Publishers who send fraud clicks get banned without any prior warning, all the earnings from their accounts will be refunded back to advertiser. Advertisers have a full control over the clicks that they receive with an option to request a refund for some clicks directly from their advertiser panel.